Editing text with Cocoa text shortcuts

Editing text with Cocoa text shortcuts

In any user interface element that accepts text, there are a set of text editing keyboard shortcuts that work in almost every application. Most are not listed in menus or only in certain applications.

Here’s a great link that documents most of the shortcuts. Note that the document is missing a few newer ones and there are a few that have changed since it was published, but this is the best resource I’ve found.

Cocoa Text System

Here’s a subset of them that I find particularly useful.

Keyboard shortcutAction
⌥ ⌫Delete the previous word (if you make a typing mistake and it spans multiple words, this is a really quick way to delete what you just typed)
⌥⇡ or ⌥⇣Move cursor to beginning or end of paragraph
⌘⇡ or ⌘⇣Move cursor to beginning or end of document
⇧⇡ or ⇧⇣Select upwards/downwards one line
⌥⇧⇡ or ⌥⇧⇣Select upwards/downwards one paragraph
⌘⇧⇡ or ⌘⇧⇣Select upwards/downwards to beginning/end of document
⌃⇡ or ⌃⇣Scroll one page up or down (most keyboards don't have dedicated keys for this anymore)
⌃AMove to beginning of line (super useful in Terminal)
⌃EMove to end of line