Many-to-many screen sharing

Many-to-many screen sharing

If you have more than a couple machines and need to be able to screen share to any machine from any machine, this could save you some time with not too much setup cost.

This requires that iCloud Drive be enabled on all the machines you want to link and all using the same account.

  1. On the first machine, click on iCloud Drive in the Finder and create a new folder called “Screen Sharing
  2. Drag the Screen Sharing folder to the Dock
  3. Launch the Screen Sharing app
  4. Open connection to another machine
  5. Choose Connection -> Save As… from the File menu
  6. Save into the Screen Sharing folder
  7. Drag the Screen Sharing folder to the Dock on all the other machines
  8. On a machine other than the first, save a screen sharing connection file for the first machine so you now have a complete set
  9. At this point, all your machines should have files to connect to all the other machines
  10. Click on the Dock folder on any machine and choose the machine you want and the connection is kicked off

If you add more machines, this is easy to extend with just one connection to the new machine. If you choose to save passwords in the keychain, they will be synced withiCloud Keychain. The more machines you have, the more tedium this could prevent.

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