Keyboard tricks in Dock stacks

Keyboard tricks in Dock stacks

Note: For most of these keyboard commands, your stack must be in Grid View. Right-click on a Dock stack and choose View content as Grid. A small subset of the commands work in List View and Fan View.

Keyboard navigation commands

Tab or Right ArrowSelects upper left item in the grid
Shift-Tab or Left ArrowSelects “Show in Finder” which is the lower right item in the grid
Tab, Shift-Tab, and arrow keysNavigate between items
Commmand-UpArrowNavigate up to parent folder
Command-DownArrowNavigate into selected folder
Space barQuick Look selected item
Command-ReturnReveal selected item in the Finder
Type charactersSelect matching item

Some other interesting commands not related to keyboard navigation

Option-click fileOpen file and leave stack open
Command-Shift-Plus/MinusIncrease/Decrease icon size
Command-click on stack or stack itemReveal clicked on item in Finder
Option-Command-click on stackReveal contents of folder in Finder