Steve Jobs as a cockatiel

Steve Jobs as a cockatiel

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has wondered what Steve Jobs would have looked if he had been a cockatiel. I was recently looking at my favorite sticker pack, called Coco Bird Emoji Stickers. I found this emoji.

Steve Jobs the cockatiel about to unveil the iPhone 4

I shared this emoji with friends and they all agreed that if he were a cockatiel, he would probably look like this. My good friend Kris Shamloo (probably a made up name) doctored the emoji using his iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (product plug).

Steve Jobs announcing Mac OS X Jagwire.

I realized the original emoji was naked and blind so this updated version was much nicer.

Hopefully at least 3 or 4 people have now had their curiosities satisfied and everyone else has been scared away from this site forever.


Steve Jobs cockatiel (aka Steve Jobsatiel) now talks. I foolishly thought he only squawked.

Steve Jobs the cockatiel delivering a succinct pearl of wisdom.