Scott Forstall’s hair becomes a ski jump

Scott Forstall’s hair becomes a ski jump

You need go no further than Scott Forstall’s Twitter feed to find a picture of his hair that had the signature flip up in the front.

Some referred to it as a ski jump and apparently Steve Jobs took note in one high-level meeting. A strong caveat to this story. I was not in this meeting but a trusted source in the meeting related it to me.

The meeting

As part of this meeting, Scott was demoing some new technology from his organization to a group of people including Steve Jobs.

While trying to remain focused and serious on the task at hand, Steve was a bundle of energy, pacing around the room.

In at least this one meeting, when Steve passed Scott in the room, he lifted his hand above Scott’s head and swooped it down, then up, as if miming someone using his hair as a ski jump.

My source related that Scott was initially annoyed, then paused the demo until Steve’s focus returned.

I like this story because it shows a sense of humor that many didn’t know about, except if you read the book by Lisa Brennan-Jobs, which I found quite enjoyable in some respects.


Things to keep in mind:

  • I hope Scott Forstall has a good sense of humor about his hair
  • It’s possible this story never happened as it’s second-hand