Except for getting punched by Steve Jobs…

Except for getting punched by Steve Jobs…

This is not my story and I’m sure I’ll get a lot wrong re-telling it from a good friend it happened to. But it’s a fun little anecdote that I wish were mine.

AP Photo, April 1993

On his very first day, he was heading towards a stairway to go up, when he saw Steve and a couple of others descending, engaged in conversation. Steve was gesturing as he talked and the others listened.

My friend went up the stairway and squeezed past the entourage on the stairs. He succeeded if not for one small thing. Just at the wrong moment and just as my friend passed him, Steve made a quick, wide gesture to make a point and accidentally elbowed him in the face.

He went home that night and his wife asked him how his first day was.

“Except for getting punched by Steve Jobs, it was great,” was his reply.